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Employment Opportunities
As a leading provider of Payroll and Human Resource products and services, Rapid Data offers and excellent environment for personal as well as professional growth.  We provide great opportunities for entrepreneurial and creative individuals who want to contribute to Rapid Data's continuing growth.

We are constantly striving to provide User-Friendly and Powerful Payroll and Human Resource solutions.  In doing so Rapid Data is not just another service company.  It is talented people with a mission, people with know-how, people with shared values and beliefs, and people making better decisions.

We continually seek graduate and experienced professionals in both sales and service to join our team.

Current Opportunities
  • Sales Positions:
    • Sales Representative

Submitting Resumes
  • Send Resumes to:
    • Rapid Data Employment
      101 E. Redlands Blvd.
      Suite 252
      Redlands, CA 92373

  • e-mail Resumes to:

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