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Payroll Application
Rapid Data offers its PC-Based Payroll product for medium to large sized organizations that need to manage their payroll information electronically within their own network. Our payroll entry product is a robust, accurate, and easy-to-use payroll software application that is widely used by thousands of companies throughout the country. It provides all the functionality of the most expensive in-house payroll software, but at a fraction of the price. Intuitive data entry screens give you instant access to all your employee information and the integrated report writer allows you to easily create detailed management reports and output files. And it includes a sophisticated personnel module for tracking additional data about your employees so you can to easily respond to both internal and external requests for employee information. Plus, it can be integrated to work with many general ledger accounting, time & attendance, and human resource software systems.

Application Features

Data Security
Supports an unlimited number of users, with roll-based or individual security settings for user names and passwords by function, screen, level, field, value, etc.. Both the application and database are protected.

Information-Rich Data Screens
Comprehensive entry screens organize your employee data into meaningful and useful information. This helps your payroll department operate at an effective and highly productive manner.

Custom Data Fields
Custom data fields allow you to customize fields for your specific company or industry needs, providing you with additional record-keeping flexibility.

Integrated Personnel Module
Complimentary personnel data fields and entry screens are seamlessly integrated with your payroll information in a single database. This allows you to track expanded employee information such as emergency contacts, previous work and education experience, applicable skills, reviews, benefit plans, dependents, and much more.

Built-in Report Library
Standard report library provides a flexible and easy-to-use method for viewing, printing, exporting, and creating payroll reports. Complete with over 60 standard reports to provide you with quick and easy access to all your employee data.

Flexible Report Writer
Select from hundreds of employee personnel and pay detail data elements to generate custom reports that match your exact output specifications. Current, MTD, QTD, and YTD detail information can be combined with employee data to create sophisticated management reports with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Register Prior to Processing
Shows the results of your payroll before you submit for processing. Pre-payroll processing reports allow you to view employee check and deduction amounts, as well as tax liability and net pay. Results can be viewed on screen or printed, based on your individual preference.

On-Demand Tax Calculator
Calculate a gross-to-net manual check “on-the-fly” right at your PC. In addition, gross up calculation and one-button check voids provide an easy-to-use tool for managing off-line payroll checks.

Full Check Detail and Year-To-Date History
Check Detail and Year-to-Date history screens provide you with current and historical employee check information. In addition, you can save historical check details at your PC, for as long as you wish.

Application Benefits

Web-Server Requirements:
  • Both the application and database are safe and secure
  • All employee personnel and pay detail information reside in a single database
  • Intuitive data entry screen get you up and running quickly
  • Integrated personnel tracking module already included
  • Payroll can be entered and processed simultaneously from multiple workstations
  • Multitude of standard reports and virtually unlimited report writing capabilities
  • Compliance with all appropriate payroll tax regulations
  • Immediate check detail verification prior to processing
  • Instant access to all checks and pay stubs plus any to-date amounts

System Integration
Our sophisticated import/export tools provide you with the ability to integrate your payroll data with existing enterprise management systems such as general ledger, time & attendance, and human resources, thereby improving productivity by eliminating duplicate data entry. This allows your payroll department to operate within a single-point-of-entry environment that eliminates redundancy as well as inaccurate information. And each department can use the tools most appropriately suited to the job.

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