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Payroll Service Solutions
Rapid Data provides a host of services for businesses of all sizes, and within all industries. Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff understands the importance of easy to use, accurate, and useful services that our clients can rely on to meet the demands of their payroll responsibilities. We prove this every day by supplying an array of payroll and related services for companies with simple needs as well as large organizations with multiple locations that require more sophisticated features and special attention.

 Payroll Services
Payroll Services are Rapid Data’s core service offerings and are configured for organizations of all sizes and within any industry. Our unique service delivers personal interaction with one-on-one assistance from dedicated payroll professionals that are responsible for complete satisfaction. These professionals add peace of mind to the payroll process by providing robust, flexible solutions that are fast, easy to use and accurate.

 Direct Deposit
Direct Deposit is Rapid Data’s electronic funds transfer service that helps your payroll operations run more smoothly and productively. Your payroll staff will enjoy the quick & easy setup, time savings, and enhanced confidentiality of the payment process. Your employees will appreciate the safety, convenience, and control over the distribution process.

 Tax Filing
Tax Filing is Rapid Data’s tax service that takes the responsibility for collecting, depositing, and filing your company’s tax liabilities to the appropriate tax agencies. With this service we completely remove the burden of your tax filing procedures. We provide detailed tax reports and even allow you to review the results on-line so you can be sure all filings are accurate and timely.

Self-Service is Rapid Data’s internet-based browser system that is designed to give supervisors and employees remote access to their personnel and payroll information over a secure connection from anywhere they have Internet access. This optional on-line service supplements your payroll operations by using electronic methods of communications between employees and payroll.

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