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Tax Filing Services
Rapid Data’s Tax Filing service allows your organization to outsource the headaches involved with managing your payroll tax and filing requirements. When you subscribe to our full service, your compliance issues become our responsibility. We handle the calculation, preparation, depositing, reconciliation, and filing of tax amounts and forms associated with all your payroll taxes. Each filing is completely detailed and guaranteed for accuracy. You can even view the status of you tax liabilities at any time on the web. We continually update our tax system with the latest changes to Federal, State and Local tax laws so we are always in compliance. And, our tax staff has over 30 years of experience in dealing with payroll tax issues and will always be there when you need them.
Multiple Service Offerings
We have two levels of tax services available to help you with this important compliance issue:

Full Tax Filing Service
With our Full Tax Filing service, we prepare, collect, file, and deposit all your Federal, State, and Local tax amounts and returns with the appropriate tax authority. This includes taxes for all 50 states and virtually any locality within the U.S. Your tax funds are managed in confidential and secure accounts and we take full responsibility for the complete and timely deposits & filling of all your company’s payroll taxes. And, you can review the status of your taxes on the web at any time with our on-line Tax View System.

Tax Notification Service (Non-File)
Our Tax Notification Service calculates all applicable payroll taxes and prepares Federal, State, and Local tax notification reports that identify each taxing agency, each tax amount, and the exact date that each check is to be deposited and each form is to be filed. We even print each tax deposit check and deliver them with your payroll package. Quarterly and Annual forms are prepared at each period-end, ready for filing. This service allows you to retain control of all your tax funds and give you the opportunity to have final review of all your returns.

When you choose either of these options you can rest assured that you will always be in compliance.

Full Tax Filing Features

  • Assume responsibility for the accuracy of your tax returns and timely deposits of your funds
  • Collect all payroll tax liability amounts from your designated bank account
  • Make all Federal, State, and Local payroll tax deposits
  • Report the reconciliation of collected and disbursed tax funds
  • File all quarterly and annual payroll tax returns accurately and on time
  • Ensure regulatory compliance as tax forms and regulations change
  • Respond to tax agency inquiries
  • File amended returns as necessary

Full Tax Filing Benefits

  • Calculating payroll tax liabilities and filing complicated tax forms are no longer a worry
  • Taxes are filed and paid automatically without effort by you
  • View tax liabilities, fee collections, payments, filings, and confirmations on-line
  • Per-payroll, quarterly, and annual tax summaries available in hard-copy or on-line
  • Changes in tax rules are handled automatically so you can stay in compliance
  • Standard and generally accepted collection and filing rules are used to ensure compliance
  • Professional tax staff with over 30 years experience in dealing tax compliance issues
  • Tax issues are solved quickly with agency feedback and confirmation

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