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Rapid Data’s Self-Service modules are designed to supplement our payroll offerings by giving your employees and managers user-friendly and secure access to their records via the Internet. With these new modules, your employees and their managers can use electronic methods to communicate with your payroll department rather than the manual processes that are commonly in-place. This helps relieve your payroll staff of seemingly endless data retrieval tasks and keep your workforce better informed.

Employee Self-Serve
The employee self-service module provides your employees with real-time displays of over 60 data elements specific to their payroll records. This includes pages for employee master information, placement data, recurring earnings and voluntary deductions, W-4 status, time-off accrual balances, and more. They can even print (or re-print) their current or historical pay stub information. It enables your employees to get the information they want, when they want it – greatly reducing the time you spend responding to data inquiries.

  Significant Benefits Include:
  • Quick and Convenient Data Response
  • Paperless Communications
  • Improved Accuracy of Data
  • Greater Workflow Efficiency
  • Increased Productivity
  • Reduced Overhead Expense
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Manager Self-Serve (Coming Soon!)
The manager self-service module will give your managers access to information about the employees and departments they manage. Actions such as pay rate changes, placement transfers, time-off balance adjustments, approvals requests, and more can be controlled and initiated by each manager individually. This streamlines the communication process, reduces paperwork, saves time, and helps your managers keep their team on track with your organizations strategic business goals.

Significant Features Include:
  • Pay Rate Assessment and Changes
  • Promotions and Placement Adjustments
  • Attendance Review and Evaluation
  • Time Off Requests and Approvals
  • Personal and Company Level Directories
  • Departmental and Supervisory Reporting
contact us for more details about manager self-serve.

Self-Service Integration
Our Self-Service modules are completely integrated with our Premium Payroll products – in fact, they both use the same payroll database so the information is always accurate and never out-of-date. Additions and changes made in our Advanced Payroll products are almost immediately available in the self-service module for review and reference. This gives your employees and managers confidence in your payroll department and in the self-service tools you have provided.

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