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Human Resources
Rapid Data is proud to partner with Ascentis corporation and offer HROffice as the premier Human Resource Information System (HRIS) for managing your important employee assets. HROffice is designed for mid-sized organizations and builds on the latest technologies from Microsoft for easy integration with the tools HR departments use on a day-to-day basis. It features robust management for compensation, placement, benefits, attendance, applicants, COBRA, FMLA and much, much more. This solution offers a fully integrated and centralized HR system that promotes connectivity, communication, and control throughout your organization by providing a portal for knowledge, practices, policies, and training for each of your managers and their employees. It simplifies time-consuming transactions by automating administrative tasks and minimizing paperwork, which can dramatically reduce the costs associated with HR processes.

HROffice Features
This system delivers full-scale human resources management that goes beyond employee data and administration with features that include:

Benefit Plan Administration
Compensation Analysis
Attendance Tracking
COBRA Administration
Open Enrollment Support
FMLA Tracking
Automatic Reminder Alerts
Plan Billing Reconciliation
Applicant Tracking
Correspondence Management
OSHA Compliance
Employee/Manager Self-Service
Advanced Reporting
Payroll Integration

It provides comprehensive and paperless human resource and benefits management while integrating with other key technologies and services within your existing environment.

HROffice Benefits

User-Friendly Interface
Incorporates a Microsoft-XP like interface that allows managers and supervisors in your HR department to quickly become experts in all aspects of the system.

Helpful Wizards
Step-by-step management tools and intuitive display screens simplify complicated operations and ease system management.

Automates Benefit Administration
Manages benefit policies, eligibility, procedures, and rules with its automated technology by helping you control benefit costs, ensure compliance, and reconcile carrier bills.

Empowers Employees
Allows your employees to update their own profiles and use content-specific information, online via browser, that is personalized to each individual’s role, experience, context and informational needs.

Improves Efficiency
By empowering your workforce to update and maintain their own information, your HR professional can move from being transaction processors to consultative partners.

Eliminates Paperwork
Mangers and employees can access information and transactions in a paperless environment, thus streamlining the business process, decreasing costs and improving service.

Expands Communications
Opens up the lines of communication between your HR department and your employees to facilitate efficient distribution of information via network, e-mail, kiosk, and self-service portals for both managers and employees to keep your workforce current with company practices, policies, news, knowledge, and training.

Advanced Reporting
Includes more than 300 pre-defined reports, and with the power of Crystal Reports you can create unlimited custom reports to perform true workplace analysis on the wealth of employee information stored within the system.

Ensures Compliance
Helps companies remain compliant by providing the necessary tools and functionality required for proper communication, documentation, reporting, security, privacy, and related compliancy issues.

Greater Connection
Employee are not only connected to their personal information but also to their benefit providers as well as payroll data.

Multiple Implementation Options
Can be accessed through a secure web browser, or licensed on a monthly subscription basis, or installed on your local network – which ever option works best for your organization.

HROffice is fully integrated with Rapid Data’s Advanced Payroll Product through a seamless interface that automatically exchanges employee and payroll related data. This allows HROffice to become the single source of entry for employee new-hires and data changes and ensures that both systems are working off the same employee and benefits data, maintaining consistency and accuracy of data. This robust interface reduces errors while increasing administrative efficiency and avoiding costly errors in payroll.

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