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Time & Attendance
Rapid Data is proud to be a value added partner of Pacific Time Systems offering NOVAtime Time and Attendance and Workforce Management solutions for small, medium, and large organizations in southern California. From quick-start time systems that include a single plug-and-go clock to large sophisticated installations that involve multiple clocks, multiple locations, remote access, internet punch capability, and more, there is a complete solution for every corporate configuration. With these systems you can stop compiling hand-written time sheets and collecting physical time cards, do away with manual timekeeping data entry, eliminate buddy-punching, and instead work with detailed labor reports that summarize your attendance data into useful and meaningful information. And, attendance data is easily transferred to our Premium Payroll Product to ensure accuracy and save you time. These time & attendance solutions can help you distribute your timekeeping workload, thereby reducing labor costs and increasing the overall efficiency of your entire payroll department.

Data Collection Options
NOVAtime has all the data collection solutions you need to meet the scalability and reliability requirements necessary to automate, analyze, and efficiently manage your employee time data.

Telephone Entry
Badge Time Clocks
Biometric Hand Reader
PC Key Punch
Proximity Time Clocks
Kiosk Terminal
Palm-PDA Record
Web Punch

These features quickly automate the time collection process and free you up to concentrate on more payroll-specific issues. They simplify the payroll process and reduce the total cost of producing payroll each pay period.

NOVAtime Benefits

Multiple Solutions
Whether you require a small business program or a worldwide enterprise application, there is a solution to fit your company’s challenging needs. And, as your business grows, each system can be upgraded without the need to retrain your existing staff.

Easy to Use
Friendly graphical user interface, with the exclusive desktop System Navigator, guides users through a step-by-step procedure for daily, weekly, and monthly processes.

Feature Rich
Multiple data collection options, strong policy setup, unlimited shifts, programmable differentials, pay codes, pay categories, and multiple employee group levels are just a small example of the many features.

Saves Time Reduces manual clerical time associated with compilation and calculation of time sheets and cards, and manual entry of compiled and calculated time data for payroll.

Greater Control
Allows your business to monitor and control all aspects of employee time & attendance while reducing the cost of overtime, administrative labor and clerical mistakes, as well as providing great audit trails and backup for labor disputes and audits. Unauthorized hours, misreported time, uncontrolled overtime, and buddy punching are eliminated and controlled through itemized system settings.

Improved Accuracy
Accurate time calculations as well as proper application of organizational rules and scheduling guidelines are all handled automatically.

Enhanced Vision
Managers can see who’s in, who’s out, which of their employees are approaching overtime, and make timely decisions with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Flexible Reporting
Over 100 standard reports with hundreds of configuration possibilities. Strong SQL Report Engine allows you to generate informative analysis reports to assist management with labor distribution and job costing. It integrates with the Auto Task feature to allow the scheduling and periodic distribution of system output.

Improve Profitability
Utilizes current automated timekeeping technology to improve your organizations profitability by reducing human error, eliminating wasted labor minutes, ending payroll data entry, and doing away with lost or damaged time card issues.

Rapid Return on Investment
Automating your time & attendance will result in a streamlined payroll process that can drive return on investment in as little as 12 to 18 months.

Scaleable Solution
These systems are built on the most advanced development platform using multi-tier architecture throughout the product lines and are designed to provide a long-term solution to growing organizations. Therefore, companies can start out with a simple single clock system and easily grow into a multi-clock, multi-location enterprise application without ever losing features, retraining staff, or re-entering data.

NOVAtime is fully integrated with Rapid Data’s Advanced Payroll product through a sophisticated interface that is uniquely designed to provide outstanding flexibility and connectivity. With the ability to interface normal working hours, premium hours, shift differential, comp-time, piece work, etc.. you can eliminate the laborious task of manual hours entry. This will help your payroll department become more efficient by saving time, improving accuracy, and avoiding the costly mistakes often associated with manual processing.

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