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Rapid Data Training Plans
Rapid Data offers a number options that you can take advantage of when considering training for your payroll staff.  Each option offers a different training environment based on subject matter and client preferences.  Our remote training, for example, uses internet presentation tools to provide sessions focused on specific features within the system.  On-site training is also available for those clients who want one-to-many instruction to cover a broad range of functionality within their own environment.  Or, you can attend one of our in-house classroom courses and get the in-depth technical training you need to get the most out of your payroll tools.

Remote Training Sessions
Remote Training Sessions are our most flexible training option.  They are offered over the internet using a web conference tool such as GoToMeeting or WebEx.  These are one-on-one training sessions designed to teach you how to use a specific feature within the payroll system.  This is the fastest way to improve your productivity in a specific area of payroll.

Client Site Training
Client Site Training is available for those clients who want on-site training at their location.  These are typically one-on-many sessions that cover a broad range of payroll functions over a period of two or three hours.  Subject matter is determined in advance by either customer requests or instructor recommendations.  This is a great way to improve your functional knowledge about the payroll system so you can realize the greatest benefit from your investment.

Rapid Data Classroom Training
Rapid Data also offers Classroom Training at our location.  These classes are for those clients who need in-depth technical training on the payroll application or one of its modules.  Classes are offered in full-day and half-day courses targeted at specific functionality identified by both the client and instructor.  During these classes you will learn about best practice methodologies that will help you achieve the best results with your payroll system.

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