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Advanced Payroll Service
Rapid Datas Advanced Payroll Service addresses the needs of larger businesses. We combined all the features of our Basic Payroll Services with more Enhanced features to create the most comprehensive and complete payroll service available. Features such as remote data entry, roll-based security, on-demand paycheck calculation, personnel data screens, and sophisticated payroll/personnel report writer utilities provide all the tools necessary to process even the most complicated payrolls quickly and easily. These advanced services give you all the control of an in-house system coupled with the added convenience and cost savings of outsourcing your payroll process. And, our dedicated payroll professionals provide unparalleled support by answering all your questions quickly and completely. Each pay period your payroll passes several quality check points to ensure the highest level of accuracy and completeness.

The Advanced Payroll Process:

  1. Each pay period you balance and submit your payroll data using either our sophisticated PC entry application, or remotely via the web using our browser-based payroll entry application.
  2. Your payroll professional receives the payroll data, validates the entry, and then approves it for paycheck and report processing.
  3. Our processing specialists then perform the payroll processing, verification, output preparation, special handling, quality check routines, and packaging for delivery
  4. Depending on the size of your payroll, you may retrieve the results of your process within a couple of hours and can usually begin working with the processed data even before your payroll arrives.
  5. Your payroll is delivered directly to you the next day by a member of our distribution team or through our contracted local delivery service.
  6. Finally, your payroll professional will follow-up with you to make sure you are completely satisfied with your processing experience.

Features and Benefits
Our Advanced Payroll Service offers a comprehensive array of features and benefits that include:
  • Comprehensive Payroll Entry Software

  • Using the most comprehensive payroll entry software in the industry you are equipped to manage all aspects of your payroll processing, including data security and employee confidentiality, personnel information tracking, calculating on-demand paychecks, benefit plan recording, generating payroll management reports, and much more.

  • Custom Pay Types and Deduction Calculations

  • We can eliminate the manual calculations associated with multi-conditional earnings types or industry specific deduction withholdings by using our sophisticated payroll rules generator. Special calculation parameters are applied with system setup and run automatically each payroll to ensure accurate results.

  • Labor Distribution Tracking and Job Costing

  • Allocate employee hours to multiple organizational levels (Division, Branch, Department, Cost Center, etc..) or even Job codes. Distribution and Costing reports are delivered with your payroll detailing these allocations for easy review and analysis.

  • Enhanced Reporting Package with Sophisticated Report Writer

  • You have easy access to your payroll and personnel data with our extensive library of standard reports, plus you can create you own reports quickly and easily using our comprehensive report writing tools.

  • Unlimited Payroll History

  • Enjoy instant reference to payroll history even across calendar year boundaries right from your desktop including past paychecks, pay types, taxes and deduction records. Answer managerial and/or third-party requests easily with a few clicks of the mouse.

  • Integrated Personnel Tracking Database

  • Complimentary personnel fields and data screens are integrated seamlessly with the payroll product to ease management of all your employee data from a single database. These fields are also available to our Report Writer and file generation tools.

  • Quarterly and Year-End Tax Filing

  • We handle all your Quarterly and Year-End tax processing and filing requirements. W-2 and even 1099 forms are prepared and filed electronically.

  • Expert and Accountable Service Professionals

  • Your payroll specialists are trained experts in all aspects of payroll and tax processing issues with over 40 years of combined experience in the industry. Each specialist is accountable to you and maintains a one-on-one relationship to build confidence, comfort, and deliver the very best service possible.

  • Optional Remote Web Payroll Management

  • When you signup for our web payroll services you can manage your payroll process from multiple locations over a secure web connection from anywhere you have internet access. Our browser-based payroll application lets you enjoy all the features of our industry leading desktop software plus the convenience and ease of use of the web. There is no software to purchase, no program to install you can log-in from anywhere, anytime, with just an internet connection, browser, and password. And, with our enhanced web services, you can even provide your employees with online self-service to view their personnel and payroll information such as pay rates, benefit deductions, placement data, W-4 status, previous check history and more. Your employees can even print copies of their own check stubs when desired.

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