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Optional Payroll Services
We offer a number of optional services that can be added to our Basic and Advanced packages to enhance your payroll solution such as:

Vacation, Sick, Personal Accrual Tracking
Tracking benefit time for your employees is easy with our optional PTO features. Simply provide us with your PTO policies and we will apply the settings to calculate, track and report accrued, used, and available time for your employees. Each plan can be configured to accrue time according to company defined length-of-service tables. Rates can be overridden when necessary, and employee balances can be printed on their check stub so they can be kept informed of their available balances.

General Ledger Entry Report and Interface File
Our General Ledger features can help ease a very labor-intensive portion of your payroll record keeping by organizing your payroll liability and expense amounts into summarized journal entries based on your chart of accounts. Each G/L report can be configured to itemize all detail transactions produced by the payroll process, or simply be summarized to display a single value for each accounting category, or both. In addition, we can use this data to create a special posting file complete with corresponding summary figures for each journal account and formatted for import directly into your accounting application. You can save time and improve accuracy by eliminating double data entry when you interface your payroll and general ledger systems in this manner. And, as always, we include a hard copy G/L report with each import file for balancing and reference.

Third Party / Garnishment Check Preparation
Using actual employee payroll deductions, our Third Party Check Preparation system can generate an unlimited number third party checks for items such as child support, garnishments, 401K, and almost any other deduction-based amounts. These payments can be generated as laser check or be direct deposited into the agency’s account at your desired frequency. This feature helps eliminate the need to process these payments manually through your payables system. The checks are created on your payroll bank account or any other account you proved and you will receive a complete check register detailing each payment to assist you with reconciliation.

New-Hire Reporting and Agency Filing
Certain Federal and State legislation requires companies to report specific information regarding newly hired employees. The Social Security Administration uses this data to search for invalid or mismatched names and social security numbers. It also helps these agencies prevent fraudulent claims for unemployment and workers compensation as well as enforce child support judgments. When you use our new-hire reporting service, we automatically collect all the required new-hire data and submit it electronically to the appropriate entities. If a problem is found, you will be contacted automatically so you can research the issue with your employee. Avoid costly penalties and eliminate management compliance concerns when you utilize this convenient service.

EFT / Direct Deposits
This convenient feature allows your company to offer direct deposit service to your employees. Employees can have flat amounts, percentages, the entire net check, or even special split amounts deposited directly into their accounts. And in each case they can have an unlimited number of deposit accounts at almost any number of banks. In many cases, this can be a more secure and confidential option for your employees.

Payroll Tax Filing and Deposits
Our tax filing service completely removes the burden of all your employment tax filing procedures. When you add full tax service and deposits to your other payroll services, all these filings become our responsibility. We collect the payroll tax liabilities from your bank account, complete each federal, state and local tax deposit, and file all tax liability forms with the appropriate taxing agency. And we prepare a complete set of duplicate tax filing reports on a quarterly and annual basis and deliver them to you for your records. This helps you save time, improve accuracy, reduce the stress associated with completing the payroll process.

Employee Self-Service
By using Employee Self-Service our employees can have access to their payroll check information directly from the web. This module allows your employees to view their basic HR information over the web from anywhere they have internet access. Employees have access to basic master information, recurring earnings, payroll deductions, job and positional data, time-off accrual, and much more. And, there are side bars on each screen that can be used to display company information or notices – which can be a simple and effective way to inform employees of new company policies or organizational news.

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